Our services

Our services

Our main sectors of activity

We wear several hats at the same time to ensure the large flow of requests addressed to us.

The commercial role

We carry out prospecting at the request of customers looking for the property that best meets their aspirations.

We have experts capable of reassessing the assets and estimating the cost of the additional work envisaged as well as the legal steps to be taken.

We provide you with competent staff for all your work.

For sellers also, we take care of the promotion of the property to be marketed as well as the search for potential buyers interested in this type of property thanks to our client file.

The advisory role

We also perform the function of real estate expertise that is expected through several areas, among others:

  • the technical field, in particular the deployment of knowledge in the building industry, support for clients in the renovation of their property, overall assistance in construction and repair of buildings ;
  • the financial field, we inform you about real estate loans, the applicable rates and the best options in calculating the cost of credit, the various loan or credit repurchase contracts as well as putting in contact with banks ;
  • the legal field, we assist you in knowing the laws and regulations in force relating to the real estate, rental and automobile sector.

Related activities

The related activities we are looking at are among others the management (rental management of real estate), the management of common areas (maintenance of common areas of joint ownership) and real estate expertise in the case of inheritance, for example.

We specialize in the sectors of residential, commercial and also investment property: houses, apartments, villas, commercial and office spaces, private, commercial or mixed investment properties, etc.

Global case management

We take care of, after the client's consent, not only all the procedures related to the sale, through our approved and experienced partners: studies in construction, monitoring of securitization files, real estate management, provision of technicians competent (engineers, masons, electricians, plumbers, tilers, installers of false ceilings, carpenters, etc.). As far as vehicle checks are concerned, we take care of checking the overall condition of the vehicles, their registration, but also their importation, all costs included.

We can also organize, always through our approved partners, the town-planning regularization procedures (architectural office), demarcation and measurement (surveyor), establishment of rental inventory of entry or exit (expert), etc.

We accompany you from A to Z until the signing of the compromise and the signing of the deed with the Notary.

Welcome to Nimmo-Auto the Net of real estate and automotive in Cameroon

Some of our services may be provided to you "on request". Consult us for more information about our on-demand services.

  • Estimate of the property ;
  • Innovative services.

Innovative services

  • Environmental detail of a specific area according to your target criteria (access, employment, town planning, air pollution, presence of nurseries and schools, etc.) ;
  • Realization in 3D of a plan (remote visit in 3D allowing to project oneself in his future home) ;
  • Interior decoration of premises under construction or not.

Estimate of the property

Have your property valued to get a better idea of ​​the price to offer. Tell us what your expectations are and your deadline so that we can best meet your needs.